Peer-Reviewed Articles SERVONNET, A., HERNANDEZ, G., HAGE, C.E., ROMPRE, & SAMAHA, A.N. 2020. Optogenetic activation of the basolateral amygdala promotes both appetitive conditioning and the instrumental pursuit of reward cues. Journal of Neuroscience ALGALLAL, H., ALLAIN, F., NDIAYE, N.A. & SAMAHA, A.N. 2019. Sex differences in cocaine self-administration behaviour under long access versus intermittent access conditions. Addiction Biology AMATO, D., KRUYER, A., SAMAHA, A.N., & HEINZ, A.


Main Interests Drugs of abuse and animal models of addiction The role of the speed of drug delivery and of the intermittency of drug exposure in addiction Antipsychotic medications Interactions between antipsychotic medications and drugs of abuse Servonnet et al.

Florence Allain, Ellie-Anna Minogianis, Dr Anne-Noël Samaha in collaboration with Dr David C. S. Roberts publish a review in Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews

Florence Allain and Ellie-Anna Minogianis, two PhD students in the laboratory of Dre Anne-Noël Samaha, publish an article in Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews. Authors explain that drug addiction can be promoted when drugs of abuse reach the brain quickly and intermittently. The review is the subject of an article in the University of Montréal’s newspaper, Le Forum, entitled: Diminuer le risque de devenir toxicomane en misant sur une consommation intelligente.

Dr Cynthia El Hage publishes an article in Neuropharmacology

Cynthia El Hage, a postdoctoral fellow in Dr Anne-Noël Samaha laboratory, publishes an article in Neuropharmacology. This study shows that chronic exposure to the antipsychotic haloperidol changes the function of the nucleus accumbens, a region that is part of the brain’s reward circuit. EL HAGE, C., BEDARD, A. M. & SAMAHA, A. N. 2015. Antipsychotic treatment leading to dopamine supersensitivity persistently alters nucleus accumbens function. Neuropharmacology.